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Reprint services for out-of-print books, journals, and publications.

New editions from your out-of-print original:
  • Your original is scanned in to modern work-processing files.
  • The scanned material is updated for formatting and cleansed of scanning formats.
  • A clean printout is provided for proofing, editing, and revision.
  • Your revised manuscript is prepared for electronic publication.
  • You may publish as desired or we can carry your work through to printing or submission to print-on-demand services such as iUniverse.
Your costs:
  • Costs are modular -- pay only for what you need.
  • Scan your original into word processing documents $2/page.
  • Clean and format your work $1/page.
  • Format your work, provide printed proofs and produce final version as print, CD, and electronic copies $1/page.
  • Submit your work to printers or iUniverse or similar services at cost.
Discounts available:
  • Volume rates.
  • Rebates if InfoMaryland is featured in the recovered work.
  • Editing through EditAction? Big discounts available through EditAction.
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